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about the bottle

This water bottle was created with surrogates in mind. Its cute and functional design features our signature Fairy Water logo, built in supplement container, and water cup.

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This discrete, durable, and perfectly organized med kit is specially designed to house your medications for up to four days away from home.



The Surro Fairy
By Michelle Minucci

About the book…

The Surro Fairy is a tale of two couples who would like to grow a family but need a little help through the use of a surrogate. That's when they each find a Surro Fairy to carry a baby "emby" (embryo) until it grows into a healthy and lovable baby. When the time is right, the Surro Fairies and the parents-to-be reunite for the much awaited birth day.

The Surro Fairy is a wonderful way to teach children about the magic of surrogacy, and the many different ways that families can be formed.

what readers say…

What a treat to come across this cheerful story that engages children while teaching them, at the same time! Little ones will be riveted, both by the delightful Surro Fairy characters and the storyline. Thank you to the author for all the positive messages in this book. Children will find age-appropriate answers to where their ‘surrogate siblings’ have come from; they’ll learn early that ‘families’ come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; and they’ll understand the power of love. Books like this one are what children need! If there will be a whole series on these adorable Surro Fairy characters, count me IN! I just LOVE the story, the fairies, the message, and the whole concept! KUDOS to the author on a job WELL DONE!
— Amazon Reviewer
The Surro Fairy is a very niche story and it is very well done. It is very refreshing that the Illustrations have diverse ethnic groups and races. The book can reach a broader audience. This excellent children’s book that is easily understood and offers great content and models healthy conversations. Aa a sex therapist and educator, I am on the lookout for new and innovative resources. Especially those that have strong content and is inclusive. Surro Fairy is a great new addition for my toolbox.
— Ruby Johnson