Sarah Branion: Virtual baby & toddler sleep coach

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Crysta Whitehurst: Birth and Portpartum Doula & DNA Keepsakes

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I am a birth, postpartum and lactation support Doula. I seek to help bring advocacy to women and their families as they come into the journey of pregnancy and beyond. My goal is to educate and support those looking for fertility, pregnancy, labor and birth. As well as postpartum aid and lactation (focusing on Tongue and lip tie issues and resources).

My journey into this innate part of living begun in my own introduction into motherhood. My experience wasn't pleasant and I knew that there was more to this then what I had experienced. Since then I have spent almost a decade working hard to fill in the gaps and lend a hand into some of the most sacred places of our lives. As my experience grew I started making keepsakes for those looking to find a way to preserve this part of their lives. I began my keepsake making journey in 2015 and formally making keepsakes since 2016.

Through this I have watched people heal, love and let go of different parts of their own journeys. I am blessed to be able to offer such meaningful mementos.

Above all the things I am passionate about my biggest passion is my family. I am a mother to 6 ( 4 I have birthed and 2 I have had the pleasure of loving as my own) I have a wonderful partner who supports all my crazy dreams and I have been able to explore the world of surrogacy as a Gestational surrogate. The place we call home is beautiful. Let us know and love one another.

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+ Meet Sarah

I’m Sarah Branion, a Baby & Toddler Sleep Coach & Certified Professional Labor Doula. I was also a gestational carrier in 2018. I am passionate about pregnancy, labor, birthing families, and most of all…sleep support. Since 2014, it has been a great honor to help guide families to get the rest and support they need while helping their children create great habits around sleep.

I do virtual sleep support and serve families anywhere, including internationally. I love helping families plan for or troubleshoot sleep issues with babies and toddlers through 5 Simple Steps to Predictable Sleep.

I am a mother of a two girls and a wife to my wonderful husband, Jevin. Together, we live in Denver with our cat, Whampy. I hold a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MPA from the University of North Dakota. In addition to birth work, I own a consulting business that provides EOS Implementation to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I enjoy yoga, coffee and wine, SCUBA diving, fishing, and most of all: time with family and friends. I cherish the time I have volunteered with IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado, Kith Colorado, Florence Correctional Center and our church, City Church Denver.

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Northeast Assisted Fertility Group


Carrying Hope Surrogacy

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Our unique program is distinguished from the others by the high caliber of our surrogates as well as by the extra steps we take to ensure the best experiences for our intended parents and gestational carriers. We are based in Boston but work with intended parents and surrogates from all over the US. Women interested in being gestational carriers will find comprehensive information regarding qualifications and the processes on our site, as well as online applications. You can be assured that with us you will receive the highest quality care, personal attention, support, and confidentiality.

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Carrying Hope Surrogacy, llc was founded by two women in Western North Carolina who have been carriers themselves. Nicole and Charlene developed a close friendship during their most recent surrogacies and realized the need for an equal balance of guidance and support for both the carrier side and intended parents’ side of this experience.

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online communities


my surrogate mom


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First, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m David, and I’m the founder of
MySurrogateMom. MySurrogateMom is an independent surrogacy community
dedicated to everyone who is considering pursuing a surrogacy process
in the US and Canada.

I decided to create this community about three years ago when I
started my journey to parenthood through a surrogacy process. It’s a
place where intended parents and surrogates can connect and a platform
where they can find up-to-date and helpful information about the
surrogacy process and connect with other surrogacy specialists. I’d
like to highlight that we are not an agency but rather an online

Through my journey to becoming a parent to my daughter one year ago, I
learned how demanding and intimidating the surrogacy journey to
parenthood can be, so I decided to continue with this community and
enrich the content, inviting surrogacy experts to collaborate on our

MySurrogateMom is an independent online surrogacy community designed
to connect intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors. We also bring
an unparalleled level of information and support to help our members
discover all their surrogacy options and make a demanding and
intimidating path to parenthood that much easier.

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